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Shipping Niall with everyone

I find myself drawn between Niam, Ziall and Narry at the moment. And my very first ship in 1D was Nouis. Can’t bring myself to ship something that doesn’t involve Niall Horan.

I regret nothing!

  • hey I just met you
  • and this is crazy
  • but I read all of your fanfiction in a single night and I cried over all of it and I finished the latest WIP at like four a.m. but it ended on a cliffhanger and I can't stand not knowing and I dreamed about it last night and I'm going to live in constant misery until it's resolved
  • so update maybe

Don’t be jealous Zayn! I’m here for you! ♥

#thanks ted

I will always reblog this. This is my life. 

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